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Suzani Tapestry 1

Suzani Tapestry 1

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This Suzani is said to be around 20-30 yrs old made in various regions of Uzbekistan. The term suzaniis derived from the Farsi suzan, which means needle and by implication is applied in Farsi to all types of needlework.

Like almost all suzani, it was made by the bride and other female members of her family as part of the dowry, to be used and displayed on her wedding day.Since weddings were important occasions in socio-economic terms, the quality of the dowry pieces on display was significant not only as proof of the bride√¢ skills but also as markers denoting the wealth and relative importance of the bride√¢ family, so great effort was put into their production.

Each piece is crafted with a story, through the lens of a woman who made it. Its beautiful as a tapestry hung in your home.

One of a kind

SIZE :70X89 inch

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