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Mirai Crop Free Size Shrug 3

Mirai Crop Free Size Shrug 3

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I sometimes feel like a vigilante, gathering textiles with so much history to my corner so that I can perhaps give it one more chance at life. I wish more people could understand how many stories of our past these pieces and textiles in general hold.

Each of embroidery on these free size shrugcrop tops are one of a kind belonging to varioustribes across India. I wish I could tell you details on each piece but the truthis my journeywith it started in a dusty warehouse, salvaging these beauties from its untimely demise. I knew I wanted to make them into something that is wearablein manyways on variousoccasions, giving it another life well lived.

This piece is free size and will fit everyone. The strings are beautifully accented with simple contrasting thread work and tassel.

We kept it simple because history in itselfis complex so maybe marrying the two worldcan create a balance.

Dimension -18 X 16

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