Here Comes The Festival Season! Festival of Colorful Fashion

Here Comes The Festival Season! Festival of Colorful Fashion

India screams festival season year round, every season is festival season. Im always fascinated by the colors, the traditions behind the costumes, the rituals. India offers me so much all at once, its something perplexing but yet so intriguing, invigorating, creative and inspiring. I keep wanting more. I love that there are temples festivals in conjunction with the Church festival down the street, Both festivals run together in harmony bringing out people from all age groups.

Festival season is not quite the same in India as in the other parts of the world. When someone speaks of a festival here, it usually a temple or a church festival , with religious processions blocking the street mid-day, families out in their Sunday best, ready to gather all the blessings they can on the sacred day! We have the music festivals too with the same vibes you feel around the world.

I have a friend who always makes fun of me when I head back to India. When I’m in the US, I tend to wear a lot of grey and black and the moment I land in the motherland, my colors turn to bright oranges, reds and blues. It’s like I literally turn a switch with a color explosive. I love it. Our festival inspired bags and kaftans are very much a glimpse into my India. The vintage fabrics, the cool summer clothes. Perfect summer!!
Planning a trip to Indian festival season. Checkout some Festival Fashion and accessories to wear this summer.

Festival Bags

Maya vintage tribal fabric tote

Bohemian Kaftans

Pondi Kaftan / Cover up

Bohemian Rings

Ajmer Ceramic Ring
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