Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

If you wish you glide over these words, go straight down to the video we made, we won't be offended.

 Over the past year, I've started to think a little differently about my role as the creative driver at Annahmol. I started Boho Gypsy/Annahmol as a way to connect to my motherland of India, bringing together Indian craft with a contemporary design aesthetic to a global platform. We now find ourselves in over 300 stores across the world. My mission remains the same, however, this pandemic has brought to the forefront that we are just as vulnerable as the next person. I'm sure many of you out there with businesses are having to figure out new ways to operate under this bizarre reality we all face collectively. It's been tough navigating this space but I have to say I'm somehow mastering remaining present and not looking too far ahead because I truly do believe the pressing need of the hour is to “practice being present”.

 Trying to find my space in this www, I choose to find comfort and stick to what I've enjoyed all along which is finding pure love and happiness in making special things for you. In small batches. Normal business practices tell you to find one thing you love and stick to it. I've always struggled with that. I love many things and it struck me today that there is a way to share this with the world. Each piece is made by hand with love by our artisan communities.

 We started with Jewelry, I remember my first trunk show, pieces made from vintage finds from my love of thrifting...to artisanal bags, recycled apparel, frankincense that connected a local artisan in Kerala to the rest of the world. I never in my wildest dreams thought my creations would find comfort in different corners of the world.

 With this said I decided that I'm throwing all clear business practices out the window and moving forward with connecting you to all those artisans I've been dreaming of working with to create a lifestyle space of small batch production from artisans all over India. It's a bit like a trail of where all I've been, the people we’ve met, the traditions we should still support because keeping it around is important in the survival of our people in the purest form.

 By connecting with you, we can keep creating for you alongside our makers. It's a process filled with love, care and slow sustainable practices. This is what luxury is I believe, it's not about prices or labels, it's about the process. This process is cultivated with keeping you in mind and it's truly heartfelt.

 As we move into a more diverse space of all the things we love, I want to take a moment to thank you for your support and love over the past almost decade we have been around. Stay safe, stay healthy. Much love.



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