Artisan Collective

Craft is traditional to India and is as old and inseparable from her culture itself. The incredible plurality of this culture led to the evolution of thousands of unique artisanal techniques across so many disciplines -from weaving to painting, pottery to leather...the forms are endless. Unfortunately, over time and for many reasons, not least from mechanization and mass production in countries like China to the urbanization and the erosion of the hereditary traditions of passing on skills to the next generation - many crafts have been already lost and many more still, in danger of being lost.

We as a business have always been connected to the many craft communities across India and it has been especially distressing to see the impact of this global pandemic - preventing production, the free movement of goods, and disruption to their markets and livelihoods.

It got us thinking of how we can leverage what we do as a business to positively impact the vast craft communities here in India. Over the past few months, we have been connecting with artisans across the country, hearing their stories and the challenges they are up against- with broken supply chains, fractured production, and limited work. In our little way, we have decided to highlight a curated selection of work across different crafts, working directly with the communities.

All production is done in small batches and we are doing a system of pre-orders so that they can produce with the assurance that what is being created already has a place to go. The people we choose to work with are highly skilled and come from a linage of craftsman that produces high-quality handmade goods.

We are still in the process of setting up our system to be as effective as possible. Our goal is to add and build on this network of craftspeople and produce each week. Creating healthy sustainable buying practices is being the ethos of our brand, where each piece has a backstory of tradition.

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