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For designer Annah Chakola Annahmol is inextricably linked to the cultural patrimony of her homeland and the dualism of her upbringing. A world traveler and native daughter of Kerala, India, Annah is inspired in turn by the sensuality of her homeland and the awe-inspiring beauty of far-flung cultural landscapes she’s encountered in her adventures.

 Born into a family that has been in the textile industry for over 150 years, it was her father’s death—and her mother’s tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit—that first heralded Annah’s exposure to the rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship. When her mother re-opened her father’s store to ensure their economic survival, Annah and her brother joined their mother in her travels, meeting makers and artisans from all over India. A seed was planted that would come to fruition years later in the form of Boho Gypsy, the predecessor to Annahmol.

 The unmistakable yearning for India permeating Anna’s work speaks of belonging to a deep, multi-generational connection to home, but it’s a nostalgia forged in the fire of global influence. Having attended a British boarding school with an international student body, and leaving India for the United States at age 17, Annah is very much a ‘third culture kid’—those youthful denizens of the world who belong everywhere—and nowhere—simultaneously.

 After graduating from the University of North Texas, Annah worked in non profit for years ranging from annual giving for her university to fund raising and grant writing for an arts organization when she felt the pull of her own creativity calling her home. She quit her job, traveled around Asia for three months meeting artisans and craftsmen, and laid the foundation for a lifestyle brand whose current incarnation is Annahmol.