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Handwoven Pashmina & Zari Shawl:Preorder

Handwoven Pashmina & Zari Shawl:Preorder

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Our heirloom Pashmina Tilla Shawl is Handwoven from the hair of the Pashmina goat that thrives on the high plains of Tibet and Nepal

and layered on one side using sterling silver Zari work.

Zari was originally used in sacred symbolism to hand-weave fabrics for the aristocracy and the mercantile elite. It is one of the rarest and most
fascinating weaving traditions from India, where molten silver is processed to become spools of silver thread, electroplated with gold, and
then woven into silk or cotton. It is hand-intensive, time-consuming, and requires constant supervision and control, along with skills thatcan only be developed over several decades.

The Pashmina Tilla Shawl is handwoven with fine wool, taken from the under the hair of either the Changthangi, Ladakh, or the Pashmina goat,
a special breed of goat indigenous to the high altitude of the Himalayas. The Himalayas endures harsh winters and these special goats
have developed an exceptionally warm fine light fiber coat. Six times finer than a human hair. They shed their winter coat every spring,
the fleece isn't sheared as in other fine wools, but combed which is a cruelty-free process. The wool is so fine that it cannot be spun bymachines, so the wool is hand-woven or delicately woven on a loom.

The rich Kashmiri history says a lot about its art and textiles. The talented weavers who were able to produce such exquisite shawls for centuries
are currently at high risk of dying craft. True Pashmina is an heirloom piece, that is lusciously soft, lightweight, and extremely warm.
A marriage between these weavers and the craft of Zari work is truly special. A classic staple that has a story that dates back centuries.
We started our artisan collective as a way to connect artisans to a larger audience and showcase ancient craft. Kashmir has long been
one of our favorite destinations that produced some exquisite wool craft that is rich in culture and history. Purchasing a true Pashmina Shawlis buying with intention and sharing in adding a beautiful narrative to your life.

Size : 80"L * 41"W

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