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Multipurpose Upcycled Fabric Mat/Rug/Tapestry

Multipurpose Upcycled Fabric Mat/Rug/Tapestry

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Oh the multiple ways you can use these bright pieces are endless. Each piece is one of a kind and woven from Fabric waste, so this is a conscious buy.

These pieces can be used as a meditation mat, wall tapestry, to brighten up a couch, as a floor rug...the ways are endless.

*** I've framed one with a thin wood border/no glass and it is the most amazing and inexpensive way to put color on your wall without burning a hole in your wallet.

Dimensions : 3x6 ft (approx)
Weight : 2.5 LB
Composition : Mixed fabrics
Finish : Hand Woven on a shuttle loom
Care : Professional Dry Clean Only

**** Each piece is one of a kind. Once you place your order , we will send you the link to choose from.

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