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Celine French Flax Linen Sling Dress

Celine French Flax Linen Sling Dress

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Beautifully drapey pure french flax linen sling dress. There is no feeling on your body quite like pure linen in a style that will always remain a classic.  Hand crafted in a relaxed fit with fine adjustable shoulder straps and a classic V neckline. One of those dresses that just gets better with time 


Why Linen ?

-Its antibacterial: Nearly all flax linen has some ability to inhibit bacterial growth. In actual numbers, it caused a reduction of between 30% to 55% when tested.

- Its Hypoallergenic

-Its Sustainable: The fact that it lasts longer than other fabrics, it reduces our dependency on disposable alternatives.

-It’s wicking and thermoregulating: Linen will lift the perspiration away from your skin to prevent that gross clammy feeling.

  • 100 % PURE Linen  (french flax linen) 
  • Machine wash
  • A-line silhouette
  • Classic V neckline
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

S:  Bust- 38 in,  Waist- 34 in,  Hip- 39 in,  Length- 52 in
M: Bust- 40 in,  Waist- 36 in,  Hip- 41 in,  Length- 52 in
L:  Bust- 42 in,  Waist- 38 in,  Hip- 43 in,  Length- 54 in
XL: Bust- 44 in,  Waist-40 in,  Hip- 45 in,  Length- 54 in

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