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Saramai Glass Bangle

Saramai Glass Bangle

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  • A Contemporary  intervention to the classic glass bangles of India. 
  • handcrafted  in glass crystal
Size 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 in 
*** Each Bangle comes in its own  cloth pouch

Want to know more? 

 I have always loved glass bangles. There were certain times of the year I would get to buy them, rather than seek them out in a shop. It was during festival season. temple festivals and church festivals . long lines of stalls lined the streets with everything from Sugarcane juice, ceramic kitchenware,  toys to rows and rows of bangles laid out in color gradients inside rectangle cardboard boxes. The Love! 

Its only when I started travelling the length and breath of India and really sinking my feet into the process of different categories of craft, did I actually start to connect with what I was wearing. Its slowly created a shift in my life not just in fashion but also in my lifestyle. 

Indian craft is so expansive,  I love it all and through a simple design intervention it can reach a larger global audience . 

These Bangles are crafted in Firozabad. Glass is thought to have come to India by the Mughal Rulers, the existence of Glass in India have been dated over 2000 years by the archaeologist who discovered glass in the region. glass was mainly used as Chandeliers, glass vials for perfume which were in demand by royal courts and nobles . Crafting of bangles is approximately 150 years old. 

When you buy one of these bangles, you are not just buying a little piece of traditional Indian history but also part of a network to try keeps these types of crafts alive. 
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