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Vintage Navaratna Rings

Vintage Navaratna Rings

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Navaratna Jewelry as these rings are called has a very interesting history that dates back to ancient India. It is believed that the universe consists of seven planets and two nodes. Together these are loosely referred to asnine planets.Each of the nine planets have their corresponding celestial Gods, also known as thenavaratna.Thenine celestial Godsin turn are associated withnine gemstones, known as thenavaratna.

Each celestial god controls a particular direction in the universe.This analogy extends to the nine gemstones. The gods descend into the gemstone to protect the wearer. The associated gemstone in turn controls a the direction of the wearer life.Below are the potential benefits of the navaratna

  • Protects the person from negativity from all directions
  • Promotes prosperity, longevity and success
  • Treats and heals illness
Whatever it is your belief , in the end it about trusting yourself . It hard sometimes we know but there is no greater truth than finding your own path in all honestly .

Size :

Ring 2 - 9

Ring 3 -9.5

Ring 5 - 9

Ring 6 - 8

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