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Nilgiri Eco Print Free Size Top

Nilgiri Eco Print Free Size Top

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Stunning Size Top, with one-of-a-kind plant designs (each piece will vary with its plant and leaf placement. ). 

What is Eco Printing:
Eco-printing is a technique where plants, leaves, and flowers leave their shapes, colors, and marks on fabric. Plant material bundled inside of cloth is steamed or boiled to release the dye found naturally inside the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used. These contact prints are referred to as “eco-prints.” This is our recent obsession and the first of our designs in eco-printing.

Material: Bemberg Satin

Bemberg Satin is a soft Flowy fabric made out of cotton liners. The fuzz that surrounds the cotton seed that is usually discarded is used to make this drapey fabric.

Size: 24 x 31 inch

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