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Vintage Kantha Throw 6

Vintage Kantha Throw 6

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Kantha is very popular now but have you seen the original vintage ones? Its impossibly hard to come by but a little exploratory trip across borders (from India to Bangladesh ) a few weeks ago led me to a giant room full of them. With a little TLC we brought it back across the border and brought them back to life and what life they have!!!

"Kantha" refers the style of running stitch found through this beautiful fabric that layers pieces of fabrics and ties them together with a running stitch. It is a simple form of embroidery with so much history Everyone should own atleast 1.

*** each piece is one of a kind and true vintage. Vintage pieces might have tiny flaws here and there and it should most definitely not be considered as a faulty pieces. please remember these are all done by hand.

SIZE :75X50

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